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Retail Wholesaler

The Bridge Imports has positioned itself to help you be an effective retailer through our wholesale partnership. We have fostered strong and harmonious relationships with product manufacturers in Ghana, France, Ivory Coast, and soon other countries abroad. This is how it works: just scroll through our product gallery, and identify the items of choice, save them to our partnership form that you fill to start your order. So if you would like to purchase through our worldwide manufacturer's coop, simply fill out the partnership form in detail, and we will reply within 48 hours. 

Speaking Engagements 

Trade Liaison/Broker

Founder Bernard Johnson has had the extraordinary privilege to have traveled to Ghana, West Africa, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, France, Jamaica, Mexico, Ivory Coast, and the United Kingdom, gaining a wealth of experiences and contacts while visiting these great countries and cities. Therefore, we can customize speaking engagements to fit your event that will sure to cause the audience to make them feel like they have been there too. Plus, these speaking engagements are filled with facts about the cities and countries that will be useful knowledge to help the audience understand these visited places better. 

If you would like Mr. Johnson to speak at your function, simply fill out our information form, in detail please, and we will respond within 48 hours. 

Note: At least three weeks notice is required prior to the event date.

The Bridge Imports is keenly poised to be that "Bridge" between companies, governmental entities, and individuals to foster business ventures. With Mr. Johnson's studies in Corporate Entrepreneurship, Organizational Leadership and Global Retailing you will gain more potential positioning to increase your desired horizons through this service. Please fill out our partnership form, and we will reply within 72 hours.

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